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The Wikipedia of Hip-Hop

I love rap music. It is poetry with a beat. You can listen to a rap song hundreds of times and each time discover some new meaning. Most lyrics have an objective meaning; however, some have subjective meanings, changing in the eye of the beholder (or the ear). Rap music contains the most complex and intricate word play, more than any other genre of music; puns, alliteration, double entendres, slant rhymes, metaphors, similes, internal rhymes, and many other types of linguistic functions. There is a sense of accomplishment, a sense of victory when I decipher the rap code within a particular song. However, not every lyric is comprehensible. I have to ask another individual for clarity and explanation. There are times when that other person's knowledge is not sufficient and then I am left to ponder endlessly about what a particular lyric means.

Enter Rap Genius. Rap Genius is a community of avid rap lovers who pour their time and knowledge into creating and building content for those who would like a helping hand in deciphering the encrypted message hidden within rap lyrics. Rap Genius is crowd sourcing the difficult task of discovering the message that rappers embed in their music. Not only does Rap Genius provide insight for those who cannot understand or who need clarity, Rap Genius is a platform for those who know the meaning of lyrics to share their knowledge and help others.

The users on Rap Genius cover almost everything said in each song; however, there are some lyrics that are without meaning or a user has not given a particular explanation that I see. As I was going through the lyrics of a song, I saw that no other user provided a meaning that I had come to on my own. It felt amazing to submit my own explanation and interpretation of that line that no one else had offered.

Rap Genius is simply genius. It is a community, service, and application that I've always wanted to exist but never had the vision to conceive it. I became an instant fan and advocate of Rap Genius. But beware, if you do not regulate your time, you will spend way too much of it going through each song and each explanation of each lyric. It is quite addictive. Now if you haven't checked it out yet, like Drake said, "better late than never, but never late is better."